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Welcome to MB Massage therapy  & Physio, place where you can find pain and stress relief,
relaxation, health and wellbeing

Whether you have a specific health condition or are just looking for an effective way to relieve stress and tension, come and find out how physiotherapy and massage can help you.

Conditions we treat: 
. Lower back pain   . Sciatica 
. Whiplash  . Shoulder pain   
Sports injuries  . Headaches   
. Migraines   . Stress tension   
. Anxiety & Depression symptoms
. Lymphoedema  . IBS and digestive issues 

Our motto: "Prevention is better than cure"

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What we do 

At MB Massage Therapy and Health Centre in Rugby we are specialists in Physiotherapy, sports massage, therapeutic massage and holistic therapies, offering a comprehensive range of treatments to suit your individual needs.

Our highly qualified and experienced therapists are passionate about offering the enormous range of benefits that physiotherapy and massage can bring to you, whoever you are and whatever is causing you pain, discomfort or distress.

Each treatment is tailored to the specific needs of our clients, focused on delivering results even after the first session!

You are in safe hands!

Experience and fully qualified

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helped in 2022 to be pain free

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