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5 Common Mistakes That Can Lead To Sports Injuries.

5 Common Mistakes That Can Lead To Sports Injuries.

Many people that decide to do some sports like running, cycling, gym, netball often might go through these kinds of mistakes that later on are leading to injuries.

And this is confirmed by a study made between 2012 and 2017. Has been identified that 18.3% (n = 63,877) of attendances to Emergency Departments in one English county were sport-related. (Full article)

Let’s assume that I decide to start running. A usual scenario might be – I will get some trainers, some appropriate clothes and go for a run! I might start with few circles around my closest park or somewhere on the roads.

All is good so far, running is not very easy but at least I test my endurance, adjust my breathing and I start to like it.

In time, probably my performance will increase, maybe I will buy some special running trainers, some other special clothes and gadgets even I will look for some YouTube tutorials to know how to improve my speed and distance.

But at some point, I might build up the tightness in my muscles, maybe my shoulder will start to hurt or some other pain will appear. I will do some stretches now and then and use a foam roller but pain relieve is for a short time. The pain might come back and then I will look for a therapist that might help me!

This is how people are coming to see us, sports massage/sports therapists or physios, looking for help.

But all the pain and injuries can be stopped if before engaging in some sports we would try to avoid these few mistakes:

1. Don’t assume that it is natural and you know how to run, how to cycle, how to lift weights. Even if in school you were good at running, it doesn’t mean that after 20 years you still have the same skills! But assuming that, you might push the body too far too much.

 Also, just think of this fact – for humans, it takes from 9 to 18 months to LEARN how to walk. It is not within hours after birth like it is for animals. We learn it and if we had a “bad example” then we might need to relearn it again.

2. Not taking into account our body imbalances. 

It’s not a secret that most of the people are either left or right dominant, there are just a few being ambidextrous. As a result, our right side might be slightly stronger or tighter than the left. It is ok if we don’t “stretch the limits” of this imbalance, we can leave all our life like that with no injury. Once we push it, training harder and harder, we will test those limits, resulting in pain/injuries.
 It is like if you would be driving with 80m/h on a spare wheel that can go just up to 50m/h. 

3. Lack of rest, preparation, and stretching. 

After 8 hours of work, either physical or mental (desk job), we think that our body is just relaxed and ready for a good run, but it isn’t! It has already some stiff muscles and is overloaded with more exercises without preparation (warming up), which can lead to injuries.
 Even if the training session went well without pain/injury, we are too tired to pay attention to stretch the muscles so we end up building even more stiffness.

4. Not willing to invest in your sport. 

Yes, YouTube and Google can give us plenty of good advice but having a professional to watch over our training or to guide us on how to do it right, might feel like a waste of money and time. As a result, we might not be too far from getting injured once we become too confident and start to push the limits.

5. Lack of knowledge and lack of good technique. 

Sometimes a small adjustment in the way we run, cycle, or train in the gym can keep us away from injuries and can enhance our progress and joy in our sports.





You might already predict the solutions, so these suggestions might just confirm your prediction!

1. Evaluate properly your skills in doing some sport.

Even if training felt ok don’t build up just on that.  If you know that you don’t have a great posture, walking pattern or you feel already tight, try to address that first. Pay attention to your body and to the little discomforts, niggles you experience while training.  
Follow the next steps to make sure you keep yourself injury-free.

2. See a specialist like Massage Therapist, Sports Therapist, Physio, Pilates instructor, Personal Trainer, Yoga instructor, Chiropractor, Osteopath, etc., and check your body imbalances, where you need to pay attention with strengthening or stretching. They will be able to spot weaknesses and advise you accordingly.

3. Make sure you are not exhausted before your training, if you are, that will push to far your body. Then the pleasure of doing sport will become a tiering and unpleasant activity. 

Stretch, stretch and again stretch – during training (if possible) and especially after. When muscles are well warmed up, it is less likely to tear some muscle fibres during stretching. 

 Before the training do a good warm up, also dynamic stretching (involves some movement in the stretch).
 So many times, people are coming with an injury just because they didn’t warm up properly or ignored stretching.

4. Please, don’t make wrong “savings” on a PT or specialist, that can guide you at the beginning, you will pay way more after getting injured. And worse, you might not be able to do that sport anymore if it has been too bad!   A specialist/therapist can adjust properly your bike so you don’t get neck, shoulder, or lower back pain.

 Can advise you which exercises you are doing wrong, so you don’t end up having one shoulder more restricted than the other.

 Can analyse and improve your running gait or your running style so you won’t waste too much energy and become more efficient.

5. And of course, learn as much as possible before you start to practice a sport, learn while you train and pay attention to details as they might do a big difference! 

In case you are looking for some help, then our solution for you is our Strength and conditioning coach Lewis. He will be able asses all the issues you have and create a bespoke program for you.

What is great about Lewis is that he has massage and Pilates skills so that it is like having three specialist in one!

To book an appointment with Lewis go to book appointment and chose Strength and conditioning session.

                                                                Remember, “Prevention is better than cure!”                                                                                                     MB Massage Therapy.

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