Prevention is better than cure


  My belief is that people should do the type of work that they enjoy and for which they have a real vocation; in this way they will deliver to the best of their ability.  


This is how I started, moving from a career as an economist, trying various roles in administration, sellings, gardening and cooking in restaurants before finding my true passion – Massage Therapy!  


In 7 years, I accumulated over 7300 hours of practice in massage, having become Absolute Champion of Moldova (Beginners) 2nd International Championship in Cosmetology, Applicative Esthetics and SPA Massage BEAUTYPROF 2014.  


Currently, I am practicing full-time massage therapy.   My practice is based at MB Massagetherapy & Health centre on 29-31 Clifton road.




Qualifications include:  


-“Dysfunctions of a large joints”, Constantin Berman, Cyprus, October 2016  


-“SMAS-lifting massage”, Andrey Laptev, Cyprus, October 2016  


-“How to treat Low back pain” & “How to treat Neck pain”, with Cameron Reid Training, April 2016  


-“Hiromassage IQ (Facial) & Hiromassage IQ and weight reduction”, with Elena Zemskova, Cyprus, October 2015  


-“Visceral massage” Level 2 and 3, Ogulov A.T., Moscow, September 2015  


-“VTCT Level 3 Certificate in Sports Massage Therapy”, Leamington Spa College, July 2015  


-“The way of correction Functional condition of the body” (massage of internal bodies, visceral therapy), Moscow, March 2014  


-“Stop Age Massage”, Elena Zemskova, Kishinev, February 2014  


– “Integrative technics in SPA-massage, feet massage”, Renata Derks, Kishinev, Association of Massage and Rehabilitation Therapists of Moldova  


–  Foundation course in classic massage, cellulite massage, cupping, reflexology and lymphatic drainage, Kishinev, November 2012