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My belief is that people should do the type of work that they enjoy and for which they have a real vocation; in this way they will deliver to the best of their ability.

This is how I started, moving from a career as an economist, trying various roles in administration, sellings, gardening and cooking in restaurants before finding my true passion – Massage Therapy!

In 7 years, I accumulated over 7300 hours of practice in massage, having become Absolute Champion of Moldova (Beginners) 2nd International Championship in Cosmetology, Applicative Esthetics and SPA Massage BEAUTYPROF 2014.

Currently, I am practicing full-time massage therapy. My practice is based at MB Massagetherapy & Health centre on 29-31 Clifton road.

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I first discovered my interest in massage on an “Introduction to Massage” course in Brighton in 2013. This inspired me to make changes in both my life and career to train in massage therapy.

I am passionate about helping people find rejuvenation and renewal amidst the stresses of life … and relief from the pains that show up in their bodies because of that stress.

I understand that pressure preferences and pain tolerance is subjective and do my best to match each client’s desired needs by being mindful and transparent not only during the consultation, but during the massage treatment as well.

I work to slowly engage with the body  – to assess what it needs, working to alleviate any tension or pain. My massage style combines a mixture of Swedish and deep tissue techniques to provide a relaxing, yet effective massage.”

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She graduated from Coventry University in 2017 and has been awarded the degree of Bachelor of Sciences with Honours in Sports Therapy. She also specialises in Facial Aesthetic Cosmetic Enhancement Acupuncture and Natural Lift Facial Massage.

Since graduating from Coventry University, she has been working as a mobile sports therapist. It gave her a chance to work with professional athletes wishing to improve their muscle strength and minimize the risk of injuries.

She has treated patients with various musculoskeletal conditions like chronic lower back pain & lateral epicondylitis (tennis elbow) or people struggling with different health conditions, such as fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome

She has treated elderly patients, who felt stiff and inactive, wishing to have more joint flexibility in order to perform simple life tasks.

Few words from Renate:

Having experienced back pain in the past, the exercise and rehabilitation process got me interested in how the human body recovers from injury.

I enjoy dealing with postural issues and correcting any muscle imbalances with a combination of massage and exercise rehabilitation plans.

Expanding my knowledge is something I wish to continue on doing forever. This is why I regularly partake in trainings and CPD courses to keep up to date with the latest techniques and gain more knowledge.

In my spare time I enjoy exercising and walking with my dog.

Qualifications include:

  • “Dysfunctions of a large joints”, Constantin Berman, Cyprus, October 2016 http://www.inmaster.ru/
  • “SMAS-lifting massage”, Andrey Laptev, Cyprus, October 2016 http://www.inmaster.ru/
  • “How to treat Low back pain” & “How to treat Neck pain”, with Cameron Reid Training, April 2016 http://www.cameronreidtraining.co.uk/
  • “Hiromassage IQ (Facial) & Hiromassage IQ and weight reduction”, with Elena Zemskova, Cyprus, October 2015 http://www.inmaster.ru/
  • “Visceral massage” Level 2 and 3, Ogulov A.T., Moscow, September 2015 http://www.predtechy.ru/
  • “VTCT Level 3 Certificate in Sports Massage Therapy”, Leamington Spa College, July 2015
  • “The way of correction Functional condition of the body” (massage of internal bodies, visceral therapy), Moscow, March 2014 http://www.predtechy.ru/
  • “Stop Age Massage”, Elena Zemskova, Kishinev, February 2014 http://www.inmaster.ru/
  • “Integrative technics in SPA-massage, feet massage”, Renata Derks, Kishinev, Association of Massage and Rehabilitation Therapists of Moldova http://massaj.md/
  • Foundation course in classic massage, cellulite massage, cupping, reflexology and lymphatic drainage, Kishinev, November 2012 http://spatherapy.md/ro

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