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BLEFAROLIFT – facial massage training




A massage that solves the problem of age-related changes in the forehead zone, periorbital zone  and middle zone:

            ⁃         mimic wrinkles (forehead’s transversal and lengthwise wrinkles, crow’s feet)

            ⁃         shift of the upper eyelid and eyebrow downwards

            ⁃         shift of the outer corner of the eye downwards

            ⁃         distortion of the lower eyelid and of the middle zone (edemata, ptosis of the soft tissues, deepening of the lacrimal sulcus).

The massage is performed on dry skin; it allows to demonstrate an immediate result to the client during only one sitting. It’s an ideal prophylaxis and a way to rejuvenate the periorbital zone both for women and men: in terms of aesthetic and in terms of therapy (improvement of sight, reduction of headache, removal of stress after computer work etc.).
Course format – 2 days.


As a massage therapist many times I find that muscular tension can be caused not just by physical effort but  by emotions too.  This technique is great to release emotions like stress, anxiety, untold thoughts, depression ant helps with muscular relaxation”   

Mihail Bezniuc, practitioner





The technique ‘Blefarolift massage’ – has 5 years.

This massage came about because more and more women are seeking naturopathic methods, alternative to aesthetic surgery. And among modern massages no such techniques, the effect of which could be seen immediately.

Therefore, developing this method, I relied on the modern idea of ​​the aging periorbital area and research aesthetic surgeons such as Dr. Mendelssohn (Australia), as well as his experience with patients before and after blepharoplasty.

Participation in operations on the face together with my husband, a plastic surgeon, helped me too. As a result, I made ​​the following conclusions:
1.  Massage therapy can be effective if the therapist knows the topographic anatomy.
2.  Massage therapy can be effective if the therapist knows how to conduct face visual diagnostics.
3.  Massage therapy can be effective if the therapist is able to work with all levels of the person’s face from skin to bone.
4.  Massage therapy can be effective if you know what you’re doing, what massage techniques you are using and why.
5.  Massage therapy can be effective if you know what happens in the process of aging of facial skin, fatty tissue, fascia, muscles and bones.

Taking into account all these factors, I did a technique which has immediate result after the first session.

Just Lifting is not good enough, more important is that the method slows down age-related changes of periorbital area.


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About Elena Zemskova

Founder of the world’s first school of aesthetic massage, a massage high art, demonstrating instant results on lifting the soft tissues of the face.

Masseur, beautician, author of seven new massage techniques for face and body, author of the new method of teaching Quiromasaje IQ.

All training courses are aimed at upbringing a new generation of therapists who are able to show the client the result at the first session and prevent aging of the face and body.

28 years in massage and 19 years teaching massage in over 10 countries.

List of massage techniques:
 1.  The face of Nefertiti
 2.  Blefarolift                                        
 3.  Anti-Wrinkles express massage
 1.  Reconstructive face massage
 2.  Anti-atonic massage
 3.  Self-massage of the face                  
 4.  Bodylift – massage


Enrol on Blefarolift massage training:


Massage course will be held at:               Victoria House, Leamington Spa

Victoria House
59 Willes Road
Royal Leamington Spa
CV32 4PT

 Directions from Leamington Spa Train station (walking)



Date:                                                    Cost and Payment:

20 and 21 October,                                            £ 280;  £50 – deposit is required (non-refundable).                                     

10am – 6pm.                                                      Payment via bank transfer or cash.


*** Certificates will be provided at the end of the training.***


Other information about the course organisation:

The course will be taught in Russian.

Cofe, tea and refreshments will be provided.  Available parking spaces.

Please let us know if you have special enquires.


How to enrol?

Fill in below form with your name and contact details, or via email: bezniucmihai@gmail.com .

Enquires on tel: 075910 63881


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