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Charity fundraising for Shawn!

[:en]I have seen this homeless man many times, was giving him 1 or 2 pounds, some food, probably like many of you did, but he is still sleeping outside on cold nights.
His name is Shawn and he told me that he left a bad environment from another town and decided to start a better life in Rugby. He is waiting for a council house which will be in a year or two till then he can’t have other legal help or a proper job because he doesn’t have a home address.
I decided to help him with a charity fundraising providing chair massage. In pictures, you can see how it looks like. In this way, you can have a nice revigorating massage for a price which you will decide to give and Shawn will have some money to spend Easter in a warm room.
Everyone is invited and if someone can help him with a temporary room for the gathered money then it will be great.
All the money will be given to Shawn and you will see pictures confirming that.

The event will be held at Xercise4less gym, on 23/03/2016 from 11 am – 7 pm.

My contact tel. is 07591063881, email: bezniucmihai@gmail.com




DSCN1195   chaire massage_2, xercise4less, Rugby


At the end I collected a bit more than 50 pounds for Shaun, he was very happy like you can see  🙂

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