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Back problems
are among people’s most frequent complaints in clinics around the world. 

Nearly 65 million Americans report a recent episode of back pain. Some 16 million adults, that’s 8% of all adults, experience persistent or chronic back pain, as a result, are limited in certain everyday activities. 

Back pain is the sixth most costly condition in the United States. Healthcare costs and indirect costs due to back pain are over $12 billion per year. (1) 

Benefits of massage

Sometimes we are in such a rush that we do not take the time to relax and care for our bodies as we should. Although all muscles are susceptible to overload, the neck and back muscles are the most vulnerable. 

Here at MB Massage therapy centre we often find that lower back pain is formed from compensation mechanisms, overloaded muscles, bad postural habits, and a lack of stretches, and movement. 

For example if the Gluteus muscle is less active then we can find that Quadratus lumborum will compensate and become overtight. This situation it can lead to a lower back spasm. 

In less severe cases, with sports / deep tissue massage, or cupping we can help the person get rid of the pain within 4-5 sessions and maintain it with regular sessions.


Also Therapeutic massage stimulates the body to release endorphins, which are natural pain-killing substances, and stimulates oxytocin production, one of the four feel-good hormones, and decreases cortisol levels (the stress hormone) and neurological excitability. (2) 

A study was conducted by the Faculty of Health Sciences at Selahaddin Eyyubi University, Turkey. The goal was to evaluate the effect of back massage on anxiety states, cortisol levels, blood pressure, pulse rate, and sleep quality in 44 volunteers with stressful jobs. 

The results reveal that a 15-minute back massage intervention every day for a week significantly reduced anxiety, cortisol levels, blood pressure, and pulse rate while improving sleep quality. (3) 


Massage is a therapy that works not only in the focus area of the massage but in our overall well-being. In this sense, having a treatment in a warm and relaxed atmosphere will help you to improve different functions of the organism and, of course, enjoy a pleasant moment. 

The benefits of a soothing back massage go beyond the relief of stress, here are seven proven incredible advantages: 


1- Muscle pain relief, massage increases blood circulation, relieves stress, and relaxes muscles. In consequence, massage therapy helps ease chronic back pain and improve function, according to results of a randomized controlled trial conducted by the Washington Health Research Institute (4) 


“We found that massage helps people with back pain to function even after six months,” said trial leader Daniel C. Cherkin, Ph.D., a senior investigator at Group Health Research Institute. Better function means they are more able to work, take care of themselves, and be active. 


2- Reduces stress If there is something nearly magical about a back massage, it can induce a deep level of calmness. It reduces cortisol hormone levels, which rise when you are under a lot of stress. As a result, it aids in the reduction of fatigue and distress. 


3- Improves circulation. As we know, every massage activates the circulatory system, which allows the body to receive more oxygen. 

 When circulation is activated, blood pressure drops, relieving swelling in the extremities caused by vascular issues. As the skin is nourished by the blood, if your blood flows more freely in your body, your skin will appear better. 


4- Detoxification. Massage promotes the reabsorption and outflow of trapped liquids and toxins at the connective tissue level. By applying heat vasodilation is induced, and toxins are returned to the blood vessels more rapidly, preventing retention and facilitating its removal. 


5- Reduces premenstrual symptoms. Because of the increased blood circulation, the swelling caused by the start of a new menstrual cycle reduces significantly after a soothing massage. Furthermore, the rise in serotonin will greatly benefit women who have mood swings during these days of the month. Giving yourself a massage is more than vital if you want to be joyful and pain-free. 


6- Promotes flexibility. A sedentary life, worries, stress, and other factors cause muscle tension and pain. A back massage is ideal to relieve these symptoms, as well as prevent contractures and improve our mobility. This technique is also effective in reducing pain caused by conditions such as osteoarthritis. 


7- Reduces anxiety and depression. After a relaxing back massage, it has been proven that the patient feels better, from the inside out. This type of treatment stimulates the secretion of serotonin, a substance that keeps people’s moods in balance. 


“When moderate and light pressure massage have been compared in laboratory studies, moderate pressure massage reduced depression, anxiety, and heart rate, and it altered EEG (a test that measures brain electrical activity) patterns in the brain, as in a relaxation response. Moderate pressure massage has also led to increased vagal activity and decreased cortisol levels,” says Tiffany Field from the Touch Research Institute, University of Miami Medical School. (5) 



Don’t hesitate! Treat yourself to a relaxing back massage. You will see how all these benefits come true, you return home pain-free and super happy. 




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