What is Sciatica pain?

You might have heard about it or even experienced Sciatica pain as it is a commune problem that people have.

It can manifest as a sharp, shooting pain, an electric, burning sensation, or a throbbing pain like a toothache that starts in the buttock (gluteal) area and goes into the leg. You might not be able to seat, walk or sleep comfortably.

This pain is related to the Sciatic nerve if it gets compressed then it can cause low to high-intensity pain going down the leg. The sciatic nerve originates in your buttock/gluteal area and enervates the leg.

The sciatic nerve is the longest and thickest (almost finger-width) nerve in the body. Because it has five roots it can have multiple causes that create nerve compression.

There are a few cases when massage/manipulations can’t help:

  • The case of a bone spur (osteoarthritis), when the bone grows into the nerve. Sometimes a minor surgery of shaving the bone can massively improve the situation.
  • If the disk has massively degenerated and the Sciatic nerve gets compressed.
  • Spinal stenosis – is the narrowing of the spinal canal, this narrowing reduces the space for the nerve and as a result, it can create Sciatica pain.

Cases when we can help:

-A common one is a herniated or slipped disk.

The disk will compress the nerve especially when you move in a certain position that is squeezing the disk. In this case, in our treatments, we pay attention to the lumbar area: Quadratus lumborum, Erector spinae, and Psoas muscles. Working on them we can relax the area so the disk can settle back into its place.

If the degeneration has gone too far then surgical intervention is needed.

-The sacroiliac joint can be another factor that can irritate the Sciatic nerve. The joint where the spine and the pelvis connect can get inflamed which can affect the Sciatic nerve.

-Piriformis syndrome – is another common cause that brings people to us, it’s when either overactive or underactive Gluts muscles are “forcing” the Gluteus Medius, Minimus, and the Piriformis to compensate, till the point that it is compressing the Sciatic nerve.

Case study:

A man in his 30 came with excruciating pain down his leg, he barely could walk or step on that leg. We have found that his Piriformis muscle has been overreacting, but also Sacroiliac joint was inflamed on the left side.

Standing, sitting, or walking was very difficult for him.

After he had the treatment, he felt much better, and until the next session, he felt that it was getting better.

But, in the morning before the follow-up session, he felt the pain again.  In the investigation of what could have made it worse, we have concluded that the memory foam mattress (too soft) has aggravated the problem.

We could compare how he felt when he slept on a fairly new sofa (firm surface) in the past as that was the only way to relieve the pain.

In the follow-up session, we have done cupping on the Sacroiliac joint and the Piriformis muscle, which has helped to calm down the inflammation of the nerve.


In case you have this kind of pain, we suggest applying some ice, if possible, to stretch the glute area, and to look for specialist advice.If the pain isn’t going away within 4-6 weeks, you should look for the doctor’s advice.

You also can contact us for a brief consultation: email at info@mbmassagetherapy.ukor call 01788 877090