Massage and Menopause

Massage in menopauseMassage and Menopause

Massage has an amazing number of benefits to offer both peri menopausal and menopausal women.

It is easy enough to think of massage as an indulgence—and a great massage certainly does feel good! Massage also has important therapeutic value, including for women in menopause.

While many consider menopause to be a rite of passage, each woman must cope with its physical and emotional manifestations. Massage therapists are in an ideal position to listen to their clients during this change, present relevant facts they have learned and offer a supportive and nurturing touch. Bodywork has the potential to cause a release of good-feeling endorphins, alleviate headaches, reduce stress, help regulate the body’s fluid balance and re-balance hormone levels. Several styles of massage therapy* provide significant therapeutic value to counter menopause’s hormonal shift. (*See also visceral massage)

Therapeutic massage stimulates blood circulation, activates the body’s lymphatic system, reduces fluid-retention and swelling throughout the body, and releases tension in muscles and joints. It can improve flexibility and reduce pain. Massage also calms the nervous system, and can help reduce stress, alleviate anxiety, and pave the way for better sleep.

  • Increased flexibility

Menopause can impact the body’s range of movements, especially if you suffer from aches and pains. Massage stimulates the natural muscle lubricants in your body, especially those between your connective muscles, and helps everything work smoothly.

  • Stand straighter

By helping the muscles to relax and loosen up, massage can help ease the aches and pains, improve posture and help you walk taller for longer.

  • Lower blood pressure

Blood pressure can rise in menopausal women. Whether this is through the change in hormones or because of a tendency to put weight on during this time is not sure, but it is something to be mindful of – especially if you are on HRT, because that can also have an impact.

  • Reduce stress

By helping the body to relax, massage can reduce menopausal stress levels and stop us worrying. It can also help combat stress fatigue and aid sleep.

  • Fresher-looking skin

Diminishing oestrogen levels has a huge impact on the skin. Symptoms can include drier skin and much itchier than ever before. Massage oils can really help make your skin look and feel better.

In summary, massage has so many benefits that it should definitely be on a menopausal woman’s self-care list.

The most appropriate type of massage, from what we are offering, for this kind of problem is Therapeutic massage.