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MB Massage Therapy is ready to reopen!

In this video you can see how we prepare to reopen after such long period of lockdown and still in volatile times.

We made sure to have all the measures in place so your therapeutic massage and sports massage will be as safe as possible.

This is a list of things that will make our centre safe:

  • Pre assessment – new clients will have a phone / email pre assessment that will allow less time spent as face to face contact.
  • Disinfectants, face masks and temperature measure (if necessary) at the entrance.
  • When more than one therapist in the building we will operate One-way system for a less cross contact between clients.
  • Large waiting room – it allows 4 people at a time with 2m distance, also the room will be well ventilated.
  • Our therapists will have available face mask, face shield, disinfectants, double layer protection on the treatment table (one plastic foil and one paper roll).
  • Each room has a “clothes and belongings basket” that are easy to clean after each client.
  • We will allow more time between each client to make sure we do a thorough cleaning of the room.
  • Each room has window/door that will allow a good ventilation.
  • Individually used towels will be kept in a closed bag and washed after at a minimum of 60 degree.
  • Contact less payments, bank transfer or cash in envelope is available.
  • Reception desk has a “sneeze screen” to protect both client and staff.

MB Massage Therapy is ready to Reopen!

We will ask you kindly to follow few new rules which will ensure safe visit of the massage centre.

  1. If prior to your appointment you feel that you might have some Corona-Virus symptoms (a high temperature, a new, continuous cough, a loss or change to your sense of smell or taste) please don’t hesitate to cancel your appointment! We won’t charge you for that cancelation.
  2. For your session Please arrive in time! 
  3. Have as less belongings as possible with you.
  4. If possible were a mask, if not we will provide one. 
  5. Sanitise your hands!
  6. Enjoy you massage 🙂
  7. We have available Card payments, bank transfer. Cash will be placed in an envelope.  

MB Massage Therapy is a SAFE PLACE!

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