Neck pain – when waking up in the morning!

April 28, 2020
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Many times we had clients with this specific neck pain and even I experienced this type of pain – after waking up in the morning I felt a sharp pain on the left or right, the neck was blocked to turn to one of the sides!

This type of pain might be provoked by tense “Levator scapulae” and “Superior part of the Trapezius” – the muscle which lifts up the shoulder blade, but same time is affecting the all neck area!

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Levator Scapulae

The cause itself can be overworking / tense muscles due to physical effort / bad position during the night or excesive stress!

In today’s situation, with the lockdown, I thought to make this video that can serve as a first aid in home conditions.

Massage for this type of neck pain can speed up recovery, otherwise it can last up to two weeks.

I hope you will find this video helpful until we are back to work 🙂