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Nefertiti’s Face – face & neck massage course



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A massage that restores the oval of the face and prevents the aging of the neck. Image result for nefertiti

  • An effective way to lift the soft tissues of the bottom and middle zone of the face through an original combination of massage performed without cream (for instantaneous lifting),
  • and massage with cream or oil meant to restore the turgor of the neck skin,
  • restore the neck-chin angle and reduce the fat deposit under the chin.


After a course of this massage the lifted tissues of the face’s bottom zone make the face look 5-7 years younger.





Course format – 2 days.


The peculiarity of this seminar is that the massage is aimed at both the neck muscles:

  • the superficial group of muscles – platysma, the sternocleidomastoid muscle,
  • the midline – the sublingual muscles, 
  • the deep one – the longissimus cervicis muscles, short muscles of the head and the scalene muscles 

and mimic muscles of the lower the zone and masticatory muscles.


Particular attention is paid to working with fascia on anti-gravity fascial lines (AFL).
Massage technique consists of two parts. First one – work without cream, completely my authorship and the second – new combinations of IQ Chiromassage on butter-cream.

As in all other techniques, the result in the first session is a:

  • visual elongation of the neck,
  • a decrease in the depth of the neck folds,
  • an improvement in the face oval.


In addition, this massage can be used for muscular-fascial pains of the upper third of the back and for headaches. Palpation of the trigger points of the trapezius muscle, before the massage and after, shows a reduction in pain. On a 10-point scale, from 10 to 2-3 units, or complete disappearance of pain, which usually makes a high impression on the client. And the noticeably elongated neck and contoured oval face complete the impression of the technique.

Looking at himself in the mirror, the client usually says: – Nefertiti! Strictly speaking, the name of this seminar got accustomed after these repeated exclamations by the mirror.




About Elena Zemskova

Founder of the world’s first school of aesthetic massage, a massage high art, demonstrating instant results on lifting the soft tissues of the face.

Masseur, beautician, author of seven new massage techniques for face and body, author of the new method of teaching Quiromasaje IQ.

All training courses are aimed at upbringing a new generation of therapists who are able to show the client the result at the first session and prevent aging of the face and body.

28 years in massage and 19 years teaching massage in over 10 countries.


List of massage techniques:
 1.  The face of Nefertiti
 2.  Blefarolift                                        
 3.  Anti-Wrinkles express massage
 1.  Reconstructive face massage
 2.  Anti-atonic massage
 3.  Self-massage of the face                  
 4.  Bodylift – massage

http://inmaster.ru  – Elena Zemskova’s massage school.


Enrol on “NEFERTITI’s Face” massage training:



The address for the training:

Episode Hotel

64 Upper Holly Walk,
Royal Leamington Spa
CV32 4JL






3 and 4 March 2018,

Saturday  10am – 5pm,

Sunday  9am – 6pm.


Cost and Payment:

                                            £ 250;  £50 – deposit is required (non-refundable).                                     

Payment via bank transfer or cash.


*** Certificates will be provided at the end of the training.***


Other information about the course organisation:

The course will be taught in Russian and English (Romanian – on demand).

Cofe, tea and refreshments will be provided.  Available parking spaces.

Please let us know if you have special enquires.


How to enrol?

Fill in below form with your name and contact details, or via email: bezniucmihai@gmail.com 

Enquires on tel: 075910 63881


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