Physiotherapy with Mesut.

June 5, 2024
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Our experienced physiotherapist Mesut brings a personalised touch to physiotherapy, offering comprehensive services designed to optimise your overall well-being. 🌈

Mesut integrates manual therapy, soft tissue release, exercise therapy, and movement re-education to address musculoskeletal conditions. He also specialises in mobilisation and manipulation techniques, providing effective pain management and sports injury rehabilitation. 🏋️‍♂️
During your session, you’ll receive specialised assessments, involving detailed movement analysis and diagnosis discussions. 🧐
💬 Additionally, our services encompass gait analysis, taping, and personalised advice on injury prevention.
Physiotherapy works because we prioritise your goals and tailor your treatment options, providing hands-on treatment, electrotherapy, and customised rehabilitation. 🤲
⚡️ You’ll also leave each session with a bespoke exercise program designed to accelerate recovery and prevent future injuries.
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