MB Massage Therapy

Before Reflexology was discovered in 1902 by a man called Dr William Fitzgerald, it dates back to the Egyptians 2330BC pictures were found on a tomb wall showing foot massage.

Dr Fitzgerald was an ear nose and throat physician and noticed that when pressing on one part of the body it anaesthetised another and relieved pain. He developed 10 zones in the body and if
one part of the zone was blocked then the whole zone will also be blocked.


A physiotherapist that worked for Dr Fitzgerald called Eunice Ingham became interested in this and wanted to work
on the feet which were more sensitive, she began probing his feet finding tender spots and equating it with the anatomy of the body mapping and became interested in zone therapy.
She started doing research by giving treatments to residents in her small village in upper New York and also practiced on her nephew Dwight C Byers and for the first time ever found relief from his annual bouts of asthma and hay fever.

She became convinced with the benefits that she planned to write book and travelled throughout the US giving talks.

Her nephew grew up and became passionate about reflexology and continued her work after she passed away in 1974.

Reflexology is a non-intrusive complementary therapy based on the theory that different points on the feet correspond with different areas of your body it restores and balances by bringing it back to a natural state.

By using a massage technique with my fingers and thumbs i will help to relieve congestion that builds up to free the flow of energy to the problem areas.

Having regular treatments has been shown to be beneficial for many things including:-deep relaxation,-release of tension,-treats and detect specific imbalances,-depression,-anxiety,-improved sleep,-mood and increased well being,-asthma,-colds & flu,-irritable bowel syndrome,-constipation,-arthritis,-frozen shoulder,-MS, -fibromyalgia,-PMS,-menopause,-fibroids,-Enlarged prostate,-fertility,-back Problems.

Reflexology can not cure illness but I can support and work with you to help you to get through it.
We will go through a full consultation on your first visit and will update on every appointment thereafter.


How long does a session last?

The first session lasts for 60 min and includes consultation and treatment.

Next sessions last around 45 min.



Skin inflammation or infections, muscle acute inflammation, fever, recent surgery.