It all started with a dream. A dream about finding my purpose in this world… 

I worked in several different industries but always felt that I was not in the right place, until I realised that what I would really love is to be helpful to other people. 

In 2017 I finished beauty courses at The Training Room Academy in Birmingham, ITEC Level 2 and 3. This put me in the right direction and I understood that this is my

mission to help people feel comfortable and healthy, in their body and mind. I then decided to concentrate mainly on massage treatment as I feel it represents me the best and I am delighted to be working as a massage therapist at MB Massage Therapy & Health Centre. 

In my sessions my main aim is to reduce stress and anxiety, the cause of so much pain and ailment. It is very important for me to feel that I am doing the right job and I am even more inspired when I see that it is helping my clients to feel so much better. 

“Heal the world by touching a hand.” – Michael Jackson