-Richard Minney, sports massage, Rugby

-Paul Deamer testimonial, massage therapy, Rugby

-Per Bruun, knee surgery avoided, massage therapy, Rugby

-Paul Godding, golf player, sports massage, Rugby

-Gareth Bevan, calves pain released with sports massage, Rugby

-NATALIE Bullard, Rugby

-CRISTINA Principalli, Rugby

-IAN Jones, Rugby

-SHARON Evans, Rugby

-JEN Mugleston, Rugby

I was initially recommended to Mihail as a soft tissue massage therapist who might be able to help me with a persistent ankle and calf problem which, despite many, many months of visits to various other health and medical experts, continued to incapacitate me to the point where, on occasions, I could barely walk more than a few steps without crippling pain.

I have now been receiving treatments from Mihail for about six months and am able to enjoy country walking again and am nearly at full recovery. Bravo to that and many thanks to Mihail for his expertise and help in my recovery.

It is hard to find a soft tissue therapist (and I have seem many over the years) who successfully combines both vigorous challenging massage when needed and then be able to seamlessly switch to muscle relaxing techniques that sooth and relax away knots and tensions.
Mihail is such a practitioner and I will continue to use his services well into the future. Highly recommended.

-Lesley, 56, Northamptonshire

I am a Senior Citizen who suffers from Osteoarthritis, Fibrisitis and a fractured hip resulting from a car accident some years ago.  My first appointment with Mike, was very successful.  He is friendly and professional.  He massaged my neck, shoulders and back.  After four days, I am still able to move without pain, which is a great relief.

I highly recommend him.  I am sure he is able to give you a better quality of life as he has given to me.

-GRAHAM, Rugby

I was in the habit of visiting Mihai for a massage once a week for over a year and I can say it was an excellent experience. He has a professional demeanor and is kind and attentive. He gives a great massage that is effective. I have a herniated disk and a job when I’m always hunched over a computer and while going to him both problems remained “in remission”. His massage is strong enough that you can really feel that your muscles are getting worked, but not too strong to the point of making it a problem. I highly recommend him to other clients!


I visited Mihail for a massage for the first time recently. I found him to be very professional in his appearance, knowledge and manner. I was asked general health related questions and any problem areas before the massage began and made to feel comfortable and at ease.
The massage was thorough, relaxing and unhurried. A number of remedial techniques were used to treat a problem shoulder. By the end of the massage I had gained more shoulder movement and there was continued improvement over the next few days. I am happy to recommend Mihail and look forward to trying some of the other massage treatments he has available in the future.

-KEVIN, Nuneaton

I can really recommend Mihail. I have had several massages both for relaxation and to help with a bad shoulder I had. He is very professional, great hands and great value.


Mihai is an experienced and knowledgeable massage therapist, who does brilliant deep tissue massage which is absolutely refreshing and very relaxing.

I felt very comfortable during the massage, as he has got an extremely professional and correct approach to his work. I highly recommend him!

-NADIA, Darlington

I had a full body Moldovian massage by Mihail and it was amazing. Very impressed by his technique as I have only experienced swedish massage. His presence is welcoming and professional. Definitely relieved my back pain. I will definitely recommend him to males and females.

-MELISA, Rugby

I have suffered from chronic lower back pain for a great many years. Also, I have osteo and rheumatoid arthritis; so, I am always nervous of massages. But Mihail has proved such a tonic for me. I feel greater mobility and far less acute pain and I feel sure that if I try to maintain massage therapy with Mihail regularly, I will see even more improvement. He is also very gentle and kind.

-Mrs. IRWIN,83, Coventry

I have been impressed by the thorough and professional manner in which Mihail has managed my hip problems. He is medically very knowledgeable, and very well trained. He has such expertise!  I can honestly say that Mihail gives one of the best massages I have ever had, and I have had many.

-CHRIS,53, London

As a keen sportswoman and practitioner of Astanga yoga, I am always suffering with pain in my shoulders. I have been to many different kinds of therapists for relief but nothing worked.  I was contemplating giving up this style of yoga. But with Mihail’s combination of physiotherapy with deep myofascial release massage, I felt immediate relief. I am so pleased to have found Mihail and wish that I had started seeing him years ago.

-HELEN Brinklow,45, London

I have been attending massage sessions with Mihai for some months now after he was recommended to me by the Chiropractor.

I have found the Therapeutic Massage very beneficial as he has assisted me in regaining movement in limbs affected by a stroke.

The massage is deep where necessary yet soothing in areas of tension and pain, in particular the neck and spinal region.

The facial massage is excellent.

Mihai’s knowledge and understanding of the body, muscles and circulation is excellent.

-JO Lyle,67, Leicestershire

Mihai has made a real difference for me.  In the past I would go to the gym for a few weeks until the aching muscles and knots became unbearable and then give up!  The massages initially left my muscles very sore and actually painful in places but the improved range of movement was such that I knew it was worth it.  As the sessions progressed the discomfort both during and after treatment decreased; 5 months later, I am still enjoying going to the gym at least 3 times per week and the majority of the massage is a more relaxing experience.  With the combination of my cellulite massages (not for the fainthearted but well worth it!), the gym and sensible eating I have changed shaped, lost weight and feel decidedly well!  Finally, I suffer from Crohn’s disease/IBS and the visceral massages Mihai carries out, together with his advice on natural supplements (eg bicarbonate of soda)/different teas to drink has meant that my circulation has improved to the point that I have been able to stop taking regular prescribed medication to treat the bloating and constipation symptoms that were plaguing me.  Wish I’d have met him years ago!!  Multumesc!

-SAM Hall,48, Rugby

I would just like to write about my experience of seeing Mihai recently.  I had been having a problem with the muscles in one of my legs for almost a year, my first visit saw Mihai being able to release the main muscle that had limited my movement in that leg, another visit a few weeks later saw more improvement.  I found Mihai to be very effective in his treatment and I also felt that I was given the treatment that I needed and that there was no attempt to keep me any longer than was necessary to build-up my bill (which was very reasonable).

-MARK Simonds, Rugby

I went to see Mihai regarding a pain in my neck which had been bothering me for over 6 months.  With a few treatments including some Chinese cup therapy I could finally move my neck without any pain!  I would highly recommend Mihai, not just because of his skill as a sports therapist but also because of his dedication to fixing the problem and an immediate friendly atmosphere when you enter the room.

-DANIEL, Rugby

I have been visiting Mihai for massage for nearly a year and I will never regret my decision. After initial health assessment he proceeded with back massage. I was in pain for years and already after 1st visit I felt difference. He recommended regular weekly visits which helped me to a point I was no more in pain. Now I stick to my once a month visit to keep my pain under control. I tried deep tissue back massage, neck massage, visceral massage and face massage. I highly recommend Mihai not only for massage but he gives good health and lifestyle advise as well.

-INGRID,33, Lutterworth

Mihai has been treating me for a number of weeks now and I can feel and see an improvement to my back and neck after each treatment. He always explains what he is doing and why and has given me some useful exercises as well.I would absolutely recommend his services.

-SUSAN Davis, Rugby

I was advised to consult Michael by my chiropractor to see if he could help cure my ongoing pain in shoulder, lower back and knees. In all these areas there has been a rapid improvement.

I’ve also had facial massages to relieve chronic sinus problems and these have also been a big help where treatment by doctors has failed.

-GIL Gogerty, Rugby