Would you like to be treated like Cuban’s are?

September 26, 2017



Today I’m inviting you to visit Cuban’s medical system.

Despite being a poor country, Cuba still has one of the best health care systems in the world.  This is mainly thanks to the idea of preventative medicine. In Cuba doctors are not like firefighters- trying to cure  illness but more like watchers – keeping a constant  eye on people’s health, a totally different approach to medicine in the UK.

In keeping with the  idea of preventative medicine, 10 years ago I met  a Moldavian doctor called Angela Laur. She taught me how to keep myself healthy using aromatherapy, plant syrups and supplements. Before this I would often get flu which would require 10 days in bed and few days after followed by a few days of a “drug hangover” . Now I very rarely get a cold or  flu and  if I get one it will last at most 3-4 days and I can deal with it on my feet.

Through my massage practice I have continued to understand how prevention works  and many of you have already felt that regular massage sessions can prevent serious injuries or help with bad nights because of back pain or numb hands.

This was a frustration for me when I first came to England. In a country  where many things seem to be well thought out, the health care system is less so. The major focus is on “how do we cure the pain” instead of “how do we prevent the pain”. Massage can really help as a  prevention therapy, but here it is often seen more like a luxury instead of a therapeutic treatment.

For this reason, I would like to share with you this article from BBC’s web site, about Cuba’s health care system.