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The magical touch of Massage



The sense  of touch

One of the basic senses we are born with is touch.  Through touch we can feel for example the love of our parents, we can meet new people by shaking hands, we can show  if we like or dislike someone by caress or by pushing them away.

The culture of our country or our family can influence how much we will like or dislike to be touched by other people. If we have healthy relationships with our family and friends then  touch can be something we consider normal and enjoyable. Many of us have had at least one   experience where we have rubbed someone’s back or we have asked for a back massage when we were feeling tired or stressed. Even though this wasn’t a professional massage, it probably helped.

Personally, I don’t remember ever  receiving a massage when I was a kid, but I do remember being “exploited” by my oldest brother to massage his back  and I enjoyed it as it allowed me to show him that I cared. .

Image result for child massageWhy massage?

Probably because the touch is one of our most important senses, massage (any kind of stroke, touch with pressure, muscle rubbing) became one of the oldest forms of physical treatment which can elevate soft tissue pain. In the same way a mothers kiss on a child’s bruise is the most powerful treatment!

Many ancient cultures (Greek, Chinese, Hindu, Turkish) positioned massage like an efficient tool to elevate  pain, to improve restricted movement and even to change the state of mind.

Depending on the applied pressure, massage can stimulate or calm the nervous, cardiovascular and muscular systems, so all of the body can benefit from it. With just a thumb/fist/palm/arm manipulation it is possible to work on all systems without using any chemical substances. The most important aspect is that the practitioner should know what he/she is doing.

I started to practice massage probably because I like to give and I am passionate about healing health issues in a holistic and natural way. After seeing the  changes  a massage can make to someone’s life, it strengthened my belief that massage is a very powerful tool to help people.

The mechanism behind the touch

Throughout our life we are ‘encapsulated’ in our human body so we have at least 5 senses which help us to perceive the surrounding world. If eyes, nose, tongue and ears are small organs of perception, the muscles, skeleton and internal  organs are bigger parts of the body which interact a lot by the sense of touch.  

As you probably know, all information is collected by the brain through the nervous system which is surrounded by bones, muscles, skin and according to the external or internal factors, the brain will contract/stimulate or will relax the muscular, circulatory and hormonal systems.

Image result for mechanismIf our body could just function like a machine switching on and off or like  animals do, then we could react and relax easier and we could recover easier. Unfortunately, our life is very demanding physically and emotionally and that makes our body systems hyper active which  brings stiffness and pain. At this point a massage can come to help, with the right  pressure applied, it can stretch the muscles and fascia, it can improve circulation, it can relax hyper excited nerve endings, it can balance hormonal levels and it can even help to change the emotional state.

Done with care, massage can be a magic touch which can help to improve our lives, it can make us  feel better, healthier and more relaxed.


Use your sense of touch to give and to receive and our surrounding world will feel like a better place to live![:]


  1. I agree with all the above and more for remedial massage which clears adhesions left behind after injury. Unfortunately, in Britain, many associate ‘massage’ with prostitution – there is still a lot of ignorance about the powerful benefits of massage.

    Fortunately, for me, I have been trained as a remedial masseuse and can massage many areas on my own body. But, I enjoy and think essential, a back massage from another professional.


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  2. A really interesting post. Touch is very such an important human sense, and can be so healing. I must come along for treatment soon.

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