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Lymphatic System


“The lymphatic system runs throughout the body, like your blood circulatory system. The lymphatic system carries a fluid called ‘lymph’ around the body in lymph vessels (tubes). The fluid passes through lymph nodes (glands), which are spread throughout your body.

The lymphatic system also includes organs and tissues that are places where immune system cells collect.

The lymphatic system defends your body against disease by removing germs (bacteria, viruses and parasites) and toxins (poisons). Lymph contains also the white blood cells – lymphocytes which are fighting the infections. It also helps to destroy cells that are old, damaged or have become abnormal. As a drainage system, it removes excess fluid and waste from your tissues and returns it to your bloodstream.”

At MBmassage therapy we are using a massage technique named Lymphatic drainage – a very gentle but efficient technique which helps to remove fluid excess, accelerates detox process of the body and helps to bring balance in the body homeostasis.

Case studies:

From fewer cases we had to treat through Lymphatic drainage we could see next improvements:

– In two cases it helped with weight loss; in other case (lady wanted anticellulite massage) it helped to reduce the hips/legs;

– For an older person with starting lymphoedema it helped to reduce it by 75-80% (worth to mention that in this case the excess fluid has been caused by some medication for the heart which has been stopped with Dr. supervision);

– From a case with a person who had liposuction on the chest area: he had prescribed Lymphatic drainage by the doctor in order to not permit excessive liquid to gather in operated area. In few sessions the situation has stabilised, with no excesive fluid in the soft tissue, still it worth to mention that the person has been wearing a compression vest (very tight). Lymph drainage has helped to accelerate healing and has shortened the time that person needed to wear the vest.

– And not the last effect – in one of the cases has improved the microcirculation of the feet (feet were cold all the time and it has been noticed by the client that after few sessions feet became warm! ).

What can you do if you can’t find a therapist doing Lymphatic drainage?

Taking in account that our body is over 60% water then it makes real sense to:

1. Keep yourself hydrated!

With enough water supply your blood and the lymph will be less dense and will make easier the transportation function.

2. Exercise and keep active!

The reason is that the lymph it is pumped as a result of muscles contractions. When your muscles are working that makes the lymph to move towards the lymph-nodes.

For people who can’t do much physical activities lymphatic drainage technique is a great substitute (until the person will become more active).

3. Healthy eating.

It is well known that generally our body benefits from a healthy eating (more vegetables and fruits than meat, sugar, diary products and products with flour), but the lymph will need to work twice as hard to remove the toxins from “junk food”. You don’t need to be perfect but just be mindful when eating! Ask yourself – do I help my lymph and my imune system with this type of food?!

Official studies

Even if there is no comprehensive and clear study made about efficiency of the Lymphatic drainage, that could reach all the impartial criteria, still other smaller researches are suggesting that this type of therapy can be efficient in some particular illnesses.

On PUBMED (NCBI) studies analysis about Lymphatic drainage we can find next information mentioned: “Furthermore, complementary lymphatic pump techniques are thought to augment lymph passage through larger, more extensive lymphatic channels in the thorax for the filtration and removal of pathological fluids, inflammatory mediators, and waste products from the interstitial space.

The majority of MLDTs are considered safe but contraindications typically include major cardiac pathology, thrombosis or venous obstruction, haemorrhage, acute enuresis, and malignant tumors.”

Keep yourself healthy and positive!


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